Warranty policy

 Premier Edition reserves the right to change its warranty policy at any time, without notice. This warranty is non-transferable.

This warranty applies only if purchased from a Premier Edition Forged & Cast  Wheels authorised dealer or distributor. The retail customer’s receipt and the authorised dealer’s invoice must be sent with the wheel. Premier Edition will inspect and determine if the wheel will be covered under warranty. Premier Edition is not responsible for shipping or transportation of wheels for warranty consideration.

What is covered:

The wheels are warrantied for 12 months against the lacquer cracking, peeling or other cosmetic defects, as long as proper maintenance has been done. Wheel corrosion is not covered.

Warranty will be void if:

– Wheels that are painted or finished by anyone else or a third party.

– Wheels are disassembled.

– Wheels are used for racing applications.

– Pressure washers used at most car washes will damage painted wheels and void the warranty.

– Damage to the finish as a result of improper cleaning* is not covered under this warranty. Examples of improper cleaning include, but are not limited to: the use of harsh chemicals, abrasive polishes, automated car wash equipment, cleaning when hot, and

   neglect in regular cleaning.

– Wheels are damaged by weather or road conditions, hazards/accidents; physical/chemical, sand, stone chips, snow, salt, brake dust.

– Wheels are not installed properly. (Wrong lug nuts, studs, balancing weights and torque)

– Wheels are altered (Changing PCD, HUB, Offset)

– Wheels are disassembled.

– Wheels are used for racing applications.

– Any labour costs incurred for dismounting and mounting wheels is not covered under this warranty.

– Towing costs and rental cars are not covered under this warranty.

Important information from Premier Edition

– Aftermarket Wheels installation may require some vehicle modification….for which Premier Edition is not responsible.

– Wheels should be inspected for proper fit prior to tyre mounting.

– Returned Wheels are subject to a 25% restocking fee. No Exceptions.

– Re-torque lug nuts after 500 miles of driving.

– Wheels should only be cleaned with soft soap and water.

*Please see care and cleaning section.

For more information please contact us.