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Protecting Your Investment


Whilst Premier Edition wheels are themselves extremely robust, the high quality and fine finishing on Premier Edition wheels requires careful treatment to maintain the finish and surface detailing. As such Premier Edition alloy wheels should be treated with the same care as vehicle paintwork.

Premier Edition lightweight alloy wheels represent a substantial investment and are subject to some of the harshest treatments of any vehicle component. As such it is important that the following care instructions are observed to ensure that your wheels continue to provide enjoyment throughout their life.

Before you use your wheels, give them several coats of good quality car polish/wheel wax back and front. This will help prevent the road salt, brake dust and dirt ‘keying’ to the surface on first use.


Always wait for the wheels and brakes to cool down fully before cleaning after use. Hose off any loose abrasive material with cold water before washing the wheels down. Spraying any type of cleaning product on a hot wheel can harm the finish. Wheels should be washed with a mildly soapy solution in warm water. The use of chemical cleaners or solutions for cleaning wheels should not be used as these can be extremely acidic or alkaline and can have an abrasive effect on the finish of the wheels. If wheels are cleaned regularly, it is usually not necessary to use a specific wheel cleaning spray. A separate car wash mitt with regular car wash soap is gentle on your wheels and should be adequate to remove weekly dirt, and brake dust build up. After the wheels have been washed down thoroughly with the soap solution, rinse with cold water to remove any residual soap. 

Dry the wheels and reapply wheel wax or car polish to provide a protective layer against grit, salt and tar.

In cleaning premier editon wheels always avoid using electric buffers or wire wool pads to remove tar, brake dust etc. Also avoid use of automatic car washes which can use strong acid or alkaline solutions in the water, and whose rollers can have an abrasive effect on the finish of premier edition wheels.

Stainless steel deep-dish wheels or wheels with diamond-turned rims require special care to keep these in pristine condition. Diamond polished wheels are subject to a different manufacturing process to conventional painted alloy wheels and are therefore far more susceptible to damage or corrosion from road debris, salt on the roads, and abrasive cleaning products. As such diamond polished wheels and stainless steel deep dish alloys must be cleaned after every use and kept dry and clear of brake dust, road tar and salt.

Never use steam or hot water pressure washers for cleaning your alloy wheels. Using hot steam can cause damage to the clear coat lacquer finish of the wheels and even dull the paint.

Likewise never clean premier edition wheels in direct sunlight which can dry the soap solution before it can be rinsed leaving residual water marks on the wheel.

Premier edition wheels should be cleaned at regular intervals appropriate to use, and should be done as often as required so as to ensure that corrosive brake dust, road tar and salt is not left to corrode the wheel, which can lead to pitting and blemishing of the finish.

If you are in any doubt as to the correct process for cleaning, advice can be sought from Premier Edition by email or telephone.

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