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The Premier Edition Evoque Evolution combines fantastic dynamic ability with head turning road presence while at the same time creating a timeless design with flawless quality without having to compromise on options.


The Premier Edition mission is to create bespoke aerodynamic styling enhancements for those customers who wish to be individual. Further to this the Premier Edition design philosophy is to always work in harmony with the original design concept by redefining body lines to create a more subtlety aggressive and dynamically elegant appearance that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing to the tuned eye.

The Premier Edition Evolution is simplistic in its refinements that are the epitome of how a tailored outfit can truly set you apart from the rest.

Premier Edition acknowledges the importance of quality, utilising superior materials in the manufacturing of our components, combining the highest quality of traditional craftsmanship techniques with the state of the art modern engineering practices.

All Premier Edition aerodynamics are put through stringent testing programs and are approved for quality assurance. The Premier Edition Evolution Refining Program for the Range Rover Evoque is a complement to the excellent original manufacturers design dynamics. The Premier Edition Evolution Aero Kit elevates the Evoque with a conscious development in mind, not to over complicate the design and produce a distinctive and sports-oriented look that adds a sophisticated road presence.

The contours of the front lip spoiler adds a deeper and aggressive look to the front elevation of the Range Rover Evoque. Together with the completely redesigned rear bumper replacement with its subtle integrated diffuser and  unique exhaust tailpipes merges into a more sophisticated  look  than the original factory option. The side skirts with its grooved scoop add more depth and aggression.  The evolution  front grill and front bumper inserts, Premier Edition badge insignia, stainless steel mesh and robust construction compliment the overall image with its superior quality and no nonsense purposeful design. Further to this is the lowered suspension, this is designed to give an optimised road holding performance without the loss of road comfort. All suspension parts are test approved by the world testing standards. 

Together with all the above is our very own Monoblock Cast Wheel design called the CS-5. With its deep concave profile and extended spokes gives a dynamic presence that is revered when observed. The Premier Evoque Evolution Refining Program in our opinion provides the clientele with a combination of panache and perfect visual aesthetics that uphold a balance in design and form that stirs up passion.


The Premier Edition Refining Programs represent the flagship of the tuning world with perfection in innovation, design and workmanship. Each conversion is installed by our highly trained technicians or available through a network of approved distributors worldwide.

Premier edition is committed to providing the best customer experience possible for its clientele. This objective is achieved by taking all of the client’s requirements in consideration while developing a custom order to fit the buyer’s delicate taste

The Premier Edition Evoque Evolution design enhances the original design lines of the Evoque but with a combination of subtle and aggressive styling that adds a certain sporty presence with a more refined luxury status to an already classic automotive brand.


- Front Bumper Spoiler

- Front Bumper Inserts

- Radiator Grill Replacement

- Side Skirts

- Rear Bumper Replacement With Integrated             Diffuser

- Stainless Steel Exhaust Tailpipes

- Premier Edition Logo Insignia

- Lowered Suspension

- 10x22  Cs-5 Luxury Mono-Block Wheels & Tyres     (Choice Of 3 Finishes)


Ensuring total customer satisfaction is paramount to Premier Edition and that is why every official Premier Edition vehicle or full conversion is identified and authenticated by its’ own unique engraved chassis plate and certificate. A Premier Edition chassis plate is only fitted by our own technicians when it has passed stringent quality procedures. Thus giving the client total security that the work carried out will not only enhance the visual appearance but also the residual value of their vehicle. Due to our own strict build guidelines and procedures some vehicles not completed by our workshop fall outside of our warranty and quality standards.

If you have or are considering buying a premier edition enhanced vehicle or our products outside of our dedicated worldwide sales network we urge you to check with our customer services team to ensure you are investing in a product or vehicle that has met our internal exacting standards.


Premier Edition offer a comprehensive car transportation service that is tailored to meet all your requirements. Our specialist vehicle movement teams are expertly skilled in handling high value vehicles and every precaution is taken to ensure minimal handling and maximum care of your vehicle. We have the capability to move vehicles by land around the UK, mainland Europe and beyond as necessary.


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